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Sunday, April 24, 2011

#53 Bluestone

 Actually, Bluestone was quite good.  Which makes this review just a little less interesting.
The food is basically American, the type of stuff you’d expect at a bar/restaurant, but they do have a few more unique items on the menu that make it generally more interesting.  Pat got the “WICB” burger—a scale-tipping combo of guacamole, bacon, BBQ sauce, and Monterey Jack cheese, and I was totally impressed.  If I ever just give up and become a fat chick, I’d probably eat this at least twice a week.  Still holding on to my self-respect and some vestige of “healthy,” I went for the salmon wasabi ginger wrap, and was also totally impressed.  It was deliciously asian-inspired, and the salmon was nicely cooked and moist. Heh, moist.
Gotta love abstract art and tiny picture frames
Sadly, Bluestone didn’t accept my gift certificate—they’re “in a dispute” with the website, and we paid full price for our dinner.  Being Ithaca, it was still only $40.

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